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A Journal of the Time of Tumult

10th March, 2006. 2:03 pm. New Campaign World(granite26)

Brief overview:

Concept: This world is intended to be the setting for a serious of high fantasy adventures, mostly dungeon crawls. The main play area is a deserted plain, filled with the remnents of several ancient civilizations, and surrounded by several modern empires. The terrain is intended to be remeniscent of the Russian Steppes, rocky, and relatively barren. It is intended as a campaign setting for the Iron Heroes D20 supplement.

The players are all intended to be natives of the various lands who have come to the plain to seek their fortunes.

Nation Synopses:

Yridian Empire: The Yridian Empire is an empire in name alone. In reality, it is over a dozen kingdoms linked under the nominal rulership of the emperor. While the emperor has a great deal of political power, and a hold on the loyalties of the masses, the kingdoms still do generally as they please, waging war on each other almost constantly. The aristocracy of the Yridian kingdoms is made up largely of the Yrin, a tall thin race known for their dexterity and fierceness in battle, and their decadent and refined tastes elsewhere. Yrin run things and generally lead the armies, while the bastard sons serve as the high officers and other mid-level tasks. At the low end is the normal human populace. (Note that the aristocracy is bloodline based and not racial, at least not nominally).

The culture of the Yridian Empire is based largely on the English and French aristocratic societies of the 18th and 19th centuries. (Dumas, Hugo, and Patrick O'Brien are good places to start)

The Yridian Empire produces a good mix of classes. Their sole mystic tradition is the alchemists, who aren't very numerous. The Yrin race tends to produce Weapon Masters as their aristocratic soldier. The humans tend to produce seargent-like men-at-arms. Other classes are produced, but rarely in large numbers.\

Use the Elf template for the Yridian, and the half-elf for the mixed bloods. An Yrin's favoured class is Weapon Master

Craigmar Mountains: This range of high mountains seperates the Yridian's from the rest of the world. A few passes are known, but very dangerous due to the large goblin infestation of the hills. Yrid's only real contact with the outside world is land routes through the Caliphates, or sailing far south around the Pele penisula.

Pele: The great southern jungles of Pele are home to the Peledar, A short thin race of tribesmen and natives. Not much is known about Peledar culture, but ships sailing in the southern seas will occasionally have a crewman or two drawn from these tattooed barbarian tribes. (Think South American or South Pacific natives here) Peledar are the halfling analog for this world.

Peledar are almost univerally Berserkers (Their prefered class is Berserker), but occasionaly Shamanistic mystics will leave the jungles on vision quests.

The Caliphates of Aerin : South of the Craigmar Mountains, the huge Aerin desert spreads, dotted by the occassional oasis. At most of these oasis huge cities have grown up, built of sandstone and thin reedy wood. The ruler of each oasis is known as the Caliphate. The Caliphates remain independant from the great powers and each other by controlling access to the water. It is all but impossible to carry enough water through the desert to maintain a successful siege of these walled fortresses.

Adventurers from the Caliphates tend to be Harriers, Thieves or Executioners (The assasins guild is called the Hashai, or the Hand of Ashar)

Lesser Targoola : The Satropies of Lesser Targoola are a conquerred land. Once a rich culture of princes and merchant lords, the Mandooine army has conquerred the entire region and set up occupational governorships. The princes still garner a great deal of respect, but the true political power is in the hands of the governors, and the imperial Mandooine beauracracy. The culture of Targoola owes a lot to Southeast Asia and India. It is a land of lush rain forests and fertile hills. Hunters and Archers would feel right at home here, and there are several underground schools of sorcery.

Greater Targoola : To the north and east of Lesser Targoola are the vast swamps of Greater Targoola. A morass of hamocks, quicksand and other features, this blighted land is home to the necromantic golluns and their animated slaves. The Golluns are medium sized creatures with pasty grey skin.


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23rd August, 2005. 3:10 pm. Graduation(granite26)

Graduation came as a shock to the students. The deaths of their friends, an unusual occurence at the small school, had left them somber and reflective. The perfect mood for the Silent Weepers last dance of the spring willows. Held on the banks of a nearby lake, the morose celebration was held it utter silence, the students gathering together in elegant masquerade gear. The piloted small paddle boats on the lake, which was covered with falling spring blossoms. They danced to stately melodies emitted from unearthly first age artifacts. Mostly, they drank their wine on the banks of the lake, among the willow trees, and reminisced silently about the past 6 years of their lives.

Usually the party was followed by...Collapse )

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13th July, 2005. 11:37 am. School NPCs(granite26)

Misty Vale Acadamy for the Young Dragon.

Misty Vale is a Secondary school in the mountains of Arjuf nearly a days ride from Nishimo. It is located near an abandoned quary in extremely rocky terrain. The school is centered around a large ravine, 60 feet deep, and almost fifty yards across at its widest point. The ravine runs east, and rises to meet the surface after 2000 feet. Because of its unique shape, the students call the ravine the dragonscar. There is a large arena at the bottom of the ravine, and a complex cave network in the walls are used for storage. The buildings are all at the top of the cliffs, set all around the ravine. A small bridge crosses over the ravine where it narrows, 500 feet from the opposite wall. Dozens of bamboo ladders stand around the training field, used to access the caves, or for a quick way out of the Ravine.

Misty Vale is divided into 5 Banners, one for each aspect. The banners are each sponsored by a different house, except for the Placid Wave, which has no sponsor.

The Headmaster of the school, Erian Golm is an unexalt with little power. His only role in the school is to provide for the basics of beauracracy (Pay the taxes, make sure there is food, etc). The banners take care of all of the important functions of the school.


Clouded Sky - Funded by Tepet, This banner has fallen on hard times.
Placid Wave - Unsponsored, according to the students, this banner never knew good times.
Jade Falcons - Ragara Funded, responsible for all of the business style classes
Silent Weepers - Sponsored by V'Neef, the weepers are known as the party crowd, with a host of bizarre traditions and rituals.
Ruby Wind - Sesus funds this house.

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13th July, 2005. 11:16 am. Arjuf NPC's(granite26)

Canon NPC's

Rainbow Faith => Govenor of Arjuf (city)
Ledaal Maris => Prefect of Arjuf (Prefecture)
Ledaal Kamar => Maris' Father


I am running Arjuf as a bustling port city, think Marseilles. There is a lot of business going through the city, but not the politics of port cities such as Venice. The local politics are all relatively low level stuff.

Other NPC's

Mnemon Argyl - Older Businessman, he invests in cargos, hires free traders to run them to places, and gets a share of the profits.
Ledaal Bera - Sorceress living in the Ledaal Manor house. She has shown a pentiant for ignoring social niceties to pursue her interest in sorcery, and local society encourages this. She has a broad based knowledge, with no specific areas of expertise.
Pelleps Lall - Another mature businessman, Lall owns his own fleet of merchant ships. Rumor has it that he is hiring marines to help protect his cargos from pirates
Amia Doran - DB Mercenary, in the employ of the city. Not quite welcome in polite society, but included because of his exaltation.
DeCane Mark - Antiquities dealer specializing in first age artifacts. DeCane is currently staying in the Temple
V'Neef Oxyl - Immaculate priest, the head of the local temple. Corrupt, and a sorry excuse for a priest. Not clear how he achieved his position.
Cynis Xen - Imports... Cargos, nobody really knows what. Open secret that it is drugs.
Ledaal Darnas - Magistrate serving Arjuf. Staying at the Ledaal Manor.
Polyp - Unexalted Monk, used by Oxyl to run errands
Azure Sea - Ministry functionary. Killed by Jaqal in a duel over Lady Ebba. The party recently learned that Azure Sea was searching for Anathema under the direction of Nadya.
White Deer - Slave girl from the far east.
Ledaal Maria, XxXxX - Two unexalts from house Ledaal. Maris used them as escorts for Crest and Saiph at the party, both to spy on them, and maybe ensnare them into a marriage with house Ledaal.
Ledaal Paris - M'Nesh's escort from the party. Paris was kidnapped by the black priest and taken into the shadowlands. Presumed dead.
Tepets Kalas - Recruiter for the Red Piss legion. In town to empty the jails of Arjuf. It is likely that M'Nesh's unit will be made up of these 'troops'.
Tredian Elana Amar - Somber playwright from the islands of the west. Crest complimented him on his play at the Arjuf festival.

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12th July, 2005. 11:29 am. Character Names in High Realm Script(granite26)


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Note that Oak and Crest aren't High Realm names, I included them anyway.

Also, If you want to keep these, I would recomend saving them soon, I'm not sure how long I can leave these where they are (shrug)

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8th July, 2005. 12:46 pm. Errata(granite26)

Errata for Exalted

Here is the pure text for the DBs, it ain't pretty, I would use the link

Piss piss moan moan complain complain

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7th July, 2005. 4:30 pm. Books(granite26)

I am working on acquiring a set of supplements for Exalted. If you have anything you think I should acquire, let me know.

I have already acquired the Aspect Books (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, but not Wood, not out I don't think), the Book of 3 circles, Sorcerer and Savant, Games of Divinity, and the Imaculates book if I can find it.

Any other thoughts?

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6th July, 2005. 5:05 pm. Introductory Material(granite26)

Exalted.... looks to be fun... it's confusing a bit, because like the WoD, everything has it's own cosmology and myth set, but then, they are supposed to be played together. so....

Still not sure what the main plot is going to be, there are a lot of threads the PCs gave me.

Cathak M'Nesh -- Fire Aspect, Soldier, leader of men. With the foul up of their graduation tactical excercise (quite a few students got killed in an ambush) M'Nesh graduated 2nd best tactician in a class with a dubious tactical record. Second behind a close relative of the guy assigning grades. M'Nesh has been assigned to the Red Piss legion. This is for numerous reasons, including the foul up, the fact that Cathak is considering an alliance with Tepet, and finally, the Red Piss, while not an honored position, is known for ensuring its officers know how to lead.

Ledaal Naos -- Air Aspect, Naos' family has decided to become the experts in the Abyssal threat. Little does Naos know, this is largely at the direction of the family tutor, a Sidereal Exalt. (They DO know he's sidereal) Naos' mother recently passed under mysterious circumstances. The PCs don't know it, but this is the result of Paradox backlash from a powerful destiny-weaving the Sidereal put on the brotherhood(party) to give them an edge against the abyssals. Naos' sister was the original Abyssal hunter, but she fell in combat, and so Naos was trained up.

Sesus Saiph -- Wood Aspect, Black sheep of the family. Born to a powerful political figure married to a patrician woman, Saiph believes that his father is responsible for the death of his mother (literaly, stabbed her with a sword) Saiph's father is attempting to place Saiph in a career that will benefit himself. Saiph gets a form of revenge by embaracing his father at every opportunity. Recently graduated at the top of his class, completely by accident, as the result of a bet with his friends. The group is on the way to Saiph's house for a party sponsered by his father to celebrate their graduation (over Saiph's protests)

Cynis Crest -- Water Aspect, Crest's mother was a true Cynis, partying all the time. His father, a religous man who had been forced into the marriage for political reasons, put up with it, until he discovered his 12 year old daughter was getting involved in the debauchery. At this point, he kicked his wife out of the house, but he couldn't stop her from taking her younger daughter (about 6). He COULD force her to leave Crest (a newborn) and the 12 year old (who had recently exalted) The family grew up apart, with the middle sister taking up her mother's life of debauchery, and the two children growing up with their father turned out relatively devout. Recently there was a fight between the two older sisters, and the older (good) sister ended up dead. The younger sister is wanted by the authorities for murder, but Crest isn't sure what to believe.

That's the PCs. Currently my active cast of NPCs is around 20 characters. Right now this just includes fellow students and teachers, but I'm adding in relatives when I can.

Tepets Tel -- Tepets has high hopes that Tel will help them regain some of their lost glory. He has been making nice with the PCs, both because he's a nice guy, and because Tepets needs allies
Tepets Merri -- Smart, bookish girl. She's kind of a hanger on to the party, close friends with Crest and Naos
Memnon Lizza -- Nice girl by daylight, Crest thinks she's going to join the Immaculates, but at night, she's a real party girl. Traditional two faced socialite in a lot of ways.
Ragara Jaqal -- Expert duelist, pretty boy. The kind of guy who gets in a LOT of fights with angry boyfriends. Killed by Saiph at the last game, as he had become involved with an Abyssal, and she was corrupting his essence.
Ragara Jenaq -- Martial Artist, she was one of Sparrow's favorate students. She killed a student in training. While she has been cleared of criminal charges, Memnon holds her responsible and they are calling for her death or a severe punishment.
Nyla -- Houseless student from the school, her cousin was killed in the zombie attack. (CLASSIFIED)
Kismet Sparrow -- MA teacher at the school, she is also a (CLASSIFIED), and closely aligned with (CLASSIFIED).
Sesus Chenow Bareg -- Tactics teacher at the school. Removed after the fiasco at graduation.
Sesus Skye -- Golden boy of house Sesus. Sent to the school so Bareg could look after him. Going to head at least a Claw in one of Sesus' armies, and he is expected to rise quickly from there. Sesus Skye is the party's main rival.
Peleps Yoldun -- Dating Naos' ex-girlfriend, a Cathak girl whose name escapes me. Naos put his eye out during the fight with the zombies, but managed to save them both.

The final test.

During the final test, the entire class was sent to investigate a potential ancestor cult in a small village nearby. They were expected to fight a few cultists, and show they could handle ordering the civilians around. As it turns out, a large portion of the town was secretly involved in the cult, and an Abyssal exalt had been raising their dead relatives to pseudo life. (Something like Pet Cemetary). After the class had got everyone to the center of town, the Abyssal sprung its trap sending a horde of zombies after the group. Fortunately for everyone the Abyssal did not participate in the fight, but the shear press of zombies killed quite a few of the students. Several of the teachers got fired for getting the students in so far over their heads.

Thats all for now.

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6th July, 2005. 2:50 pm. Assignment #1(granite26)

From time to time I expect to make requests for the Player content for the week. (What you need to do to get your bonus XP)

This week is simple. Introduce yourself, tell us a little about the background of your character. I also expect to have a flashback scene during the game, so a reminicse about school for during the game will also be needed (That means two bonus XP).

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6th July, 2005. 10:14 am. Opening moves(granite26)

Greetings Everyone...

Here's the rundown..

This is a role playing game, with 4-5 players, all handpicked for their desire to play a serious, in depth study of dragon blooded culture during a time when the Empress has disapeared, and the Solar and Abyssal exalted are appearing on the scene. We will not be engaging in 'in game' activities on this journal, merely posting reviews of the game, short stories expounding on background, and discussions of in-game politics.

Occasionally the ST(s) may post in-game announcements, letters, or events, allowing them to establish events occuring beyond the scope of the characters. For the players, reading such posts is equivilent to hearing about them, unless otherwise indicated (Private Letters between NPCs, etc). Similarly, players are encouraged to post their own versions of such communication. Ideally, all hardcopy papers from the game will be produced here.

The major elements of the game are anticipated to be the Dragon Bloodeds place in society, and that societies reaction to the appearance of the new Exalts. Finally, the game will (hopefully conclude with the reestablishment of balance after the Solars complete return. The place of the various exalts in the new world order will be determined in large part by the actions of the player characters.

Also, expect lots of fun as the haughty arrogant kings of the earth realize how pathetic they are compared to real ultimate power (Sic. Ninjas)

The Players and Storyteller(s) are the only people I anticipate giving posting rights to, but everyone should be able to post comments on the material posted here. By posting material here we are actively requesting constructive critisism and discussion of our ideas.

Rules for Posting::

Players are allowed to post whatever short stories, letters, backstory info, NPC writeups, game reports they wish. Every week, bonus XP will be awarded to a different player for writing the official game write-up. Additionally, all players may earn their additional 'story' XP by posting at least 2 paragraphs of additional game content (the stuff mentioned above). The only requirement is that the players stay strickly within the guidelines of the campaign. Specifically, be very careful you don't add new elements to the game that seriously affect the established or anticipated plot, or the integrity of the game world. [[This means no adding a warlord that controls half the north (but a Bandit Prince attacking a few cities would be ok) or Anathema living large in the Realm (But a Lunar or Solar with ties to a Threshold community would be ok), the key elements are staying true to the world the characters live in, and not creating plot complications that make your lives easier]] When in doubt, ask.

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